What’s better for me – medicare supplement plans or medicare advantage plans?

Medicare supplement plans as well as Medicare advantage plans both can be advantageous for an individual. But, it mainly depends on need and preference of the person. In this article we will focus on comparison between Medicare supplement plans and Medicare advantage plans. In order to choose between two options we need to consider advantages, cost and its need for my health care.  Medicare supplement plans though have fixed advantages still have huge benefits over Medicare advantage plans.

If we take Medicare advantage plans we need to pay Part B monthly premium alongside the monthly premium of Medicare advantage plans. Thus, such plans can be costly though have benefits in future. Comparing Medicare supplement plans and Medicare advantage plans both have similar benefits. But cost of taking Medicare advantage plans can be too costly for us. So, it is recommended to omit Medicare advantage plans unless you need it.

There are different advantage and disadvantage of both Medicare supplement plans and Medicare advantage plans which are listed below.

Advantages of Medicare supplement plans

Medicare supplement plans are quite popular among people due to its easy features and better policy. Few of its advantages are listed below.

  • Medicare supplement plans also cover health care cost of foreign travel which makes it most likely plan for travelers.
  • Medicare supplement plans cover most of the policy of general Medicare plans.

Disadvantages of Medicare supplement plans

Medical supplements plan being beneficial also have some disadvantages which are listed below.

  • Medicare supplement plans don’t cover cost of dental care, eye care etc. The costs of making eye glasses are not covered by Medicare supplement plans.
  • Such plans do not cover cost of natural therapy like acupuncture.

Advantages of Medicare advantage plans

In comparison to Medical supplement plans, Medicare advantage plans have following benefits.

  • Medicare advantage plans cover cost of dental, vision and hearing care.
  • Such plans sometimes also cover cost of prescribed drugs.

Disadvantages of Medicare advantage plans

Medicare advantage plans though have term advantage in its name, also have some disadvantages.

  • Medicare advantage plans can be costly because you need to pay Part B monthly premium alongside Medicare advantage plans premium.


Thus, selecting between an Aetna Medicare supplement plan from https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/ and Medicare advantage plans is your own call. You should consider your need and prefer one among the two options. But, it is recommended that Medicare supplement plans are better option compared to Medicare advantage plans due to high cost.