Simple aspects that you can do without saving to save each month

Savings are not necessarily built with great efforts, but with constant small habits. Most of the expenses you make may seem insignificant, but in the long run they add a strong amount of money. Here are some simple aspects that you can do without saving to save each month:

1. Television services

money on television

The monthly payment you pay for cable television or access to series and movies online can vary from $ 100 to $ 500. Even if you pay for the lowest rate, this is a completely expendable expense. With the money of the payment of 12 monthly payments you can make voluntary contributions to your Afore, maintain your car and even make a small trip.

2. Payment of commissions


The small charges that are charged when paying telephone, electricity or water bills, among others, in self-service stores or in supermarkets do not represent a significant amount alone. However, if you add the total commissions you pay per year, you will realize that you are letting a part of your fortnights go around.

3. Purchases by catalog


Purchases of this type can be a great threat to your personal finances. Usually, these are small items at relatively low prices that, in theory, do not represent a burden for your fortnight. But by accumulating purchases month after month these expenses can become an important money leak.

4. Applications


Be careful with the apps you download. There are many applications that you can download “free” by registering your card details. If after a certain time you have not discharged it, they will begin to charge your card. Check your account statements. Maybe you don’t even remember the apps you’re paying for.

5. Invitations


If you usually buy a cup of coffee for your friends in the morning or whenever you go to the store you bring them something, be careful. It’s not about you becoming a stingy, but that you keep an eye on those little expenses. Such a kind gesture, like giving a candy, can become a problem if you don’t control it.

Try to keep track of everything you pay and try to reduce these expenses little by little. If you usually pay for the electricity in the supermarket, you better download the app to do it from your cell phone or ask them to make the direct debit of your payments. With details as simple as this you can save a significant amount per year.


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